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Hypatia and Polisfen



Sixteen centuries ago in Alexandria, the son of renowned mathematician Theon's daughter, which with the light hand of the Emperor Julian was named Hypatia. Since childhood, Hypatia was surrounded by books. Hypatia began to show interest in the father's occupation. She fell in love with geometry and uses up a lot of tablets, learning to prove theorems. She liked to watch the starry nights sky. Girl differed amazing intelligence and that it is particularly rare, and to discover extraordinary abilities to mechanics. Imitating Theon, master simple tools needed for astronomical observations. The books of the ancient philosophers Hypatia spent many years.


Breadth of interests, an amazing performance, sharpness of mind, a deep understanding of Plato and Aristotle have earned her the respect of professors Museyon. The rumor about her extraordinary knowledges spread wider and wider. Alexandria, the pearl of Egypt has long been famous for its scholars. Now Hypatia became her new pride. She was a beautiful flower of Alexandria, which bloomed and covered his wisdom all around. She was young when she had her first students.


But among them was a young man Polisfen that knowledge imbued with all my heart. Every word, movement teachers admired him. Polisfen from a young age he loved to read and learn new things and immensity. By adulthood he had accumulated a lot of questions that he could not solve on their own. Lectures have breathed new life into it - there was a circle of like-centered teacher. He delved into the night teaching more and more. Polisfen soon became the best of students. Spent much time in the library of Alexandria, along with Hypatia. After the lecture, Polisfen helped Hypatia in scientific works, spends time with her philosophical reflections. They are drawn together by kinship, common views on the world, and dedication - the service of truth. Soon their relationship grew into a powerful union, where opposing principles complement each other, creating that special atmosphere in which new philosophical, astronomical and scientific works! Hypatia invented the hydrometer - an instrument for measuring the density of the liquid, the astrolabe - a device that allows you to determine the position of the planets relative to the sun, was the card then known celestial bodies.


But not all was perfect in Alexandria. This day is for life remained in the memory of Hypatia as a nightmare in reality is difficult to believe. The crowd blindly believing people led by monks burst into Museyon and pulled down everything that came to hand. They unleashed their anger on Aleksandrievskuyu library.


After the defeat of the library, many leading scientists ever left Alexandria. But Hypatia with Polisfenom left school Hypatia continues to work. It presents students of Plato and Aristotle. Increasingly enthusiastic voices heard: "Nobody knows the philosophy, as Hypatia". Over the years, the fame of her school spread. To be a disciple of Hypatia was considered a great honor. In 412, the Patriarch vile and disgusting begins to seize power in the city, forcing Hypatia the first time in his life to intervene in politics. She makes fun of his lectures bright philosophical views Cyril, comparing them with the sayings of famous philosophers. When Cyril convey his loyal cast of the essence of the lecture, Cyril fills fierce anger, and he decides to kill Hypatia no matter what. It happened in March, during Lent, to light the Christian holiday of Easter. After graduating from the read last winter lecture Hypatia was returning home. She was sad, for the umpteenth time, she remembered his words, said recently: "It is better to think and make mistakes than not to think at all. The worst thing - it is to present the truth as superstition. "Suddenly on one of the streets near the church, the way it was blocked by the crowd, armed with sticks, stones, pieces of tile, oyster shells. Hypatia was thrown to the ground and dragged him to the church. And there, in the inner sanctum of the Christians, tore off her clothes and began to beat.


Sharp shells in a frenzy fanatics flayed from the body of the unfortunate woman. Then, with fierce, wild cries they dragged the body of Hypatia, turned into some horrible mass through the streets of Alexandria. Later, when the fury of the crowd subsided a bit, torn body Hypatia thrown into the fire ...


After the treacherous murder of Hypatia, Polisfen experiencing strong spiritual drama, but the loss of a loved person did not break it. He became an ardent promoter of the ideas of his teacher, and two years later he was killed by one of the assassins dagger mentor Thomas Kinkade Paintings for sale.


And each time, when our gaze falls on the starry sky, we see two bright stars, which are reminiscent of the beautiful and tender feelings of two wonderful people who came into the world to give it a new knowledge.

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