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Rare Rembrandt Early Works Exposure: 18-year-old has been shot extraordinary

 At the age of 18, Rembrandt created a series of "sensations," a series of five paintings depicting auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile, and taste senses. From September 18 onwards, the first four for the first time in Oxford, United Kingdom Ashmore Museum on display, and the last piece of painting "taste" of the work has not yet been found.

As we all know, Rembrandt is the Dutch gold century 17th century great artist, on his works, on his exhibition is too numerous to mention, but this piece of "olfactory" fable painting until last year in the United States of New Jersey was found. An unknown auction house initially valued the work for $ 500 to $ 800. Two Rembrandt experts suspect that the work may be genuine, and the valuation raised to 87 million.

Alexander Charles Stuart

From that time on, "smell" works were incorporated into the New York Leiden collection under the command. More interestingly, two other series of works depicting "hearing" and "sense of touch" are also on the list of Leiden collections. As a result, Rembrandt painted "feeling" of the three works in the Leiden collection in the reunion. Last May, they were also on display at the Getty Center. Now, they fly across the oceans, with the collection in Rembrandt home "visual" works together, came to Oxford, UK Ashmore Museum.

Rembrandt was in the 1624-1625 creation of the "feel" series, when he was also living in Leiden, the Netherlands. His early paintings had a tradition of Scandinavian painting, but the details of these paintings contained another layer of meaning. For example, in Rembrandt's depiction of "vision," a pair of elderly couples had poor eyesight and were carefully observing a pair of glasses under the guidance of a businessman selling glasses. This picture shows two meanings: vision and observation.

"Rembrandt's early works fully demonstrated the talent and precocity of a young artist," says the Nordic art curator at the Ashmore Museum. "At the age of 18, Rembrandt already has a rich brushstroke Details of the characters to show the character and emotion. "

The fifth piece of the "feel" series, which depicts taste, did not appear on the exhibition because it had disappeared for almost 400 years and has not been discovered yet. The curator guessed that perhaps the painting had been lost or destroyed. But it is very interesting, the exhibition site is still hanging out an empty frame, intended to invite viewers to speculate, imagine this piece of "taste" works will be like.

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