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oil painting, like, like, after this

"Spiritual products... Only in the joint efforts of the author and the reader. For others, there is art. Only through others, is there art."

"-- jean Paul Sartre's Sartre book

"The audience is not only the witness who approves the work, but also the executor who does it in their own way; the aesthetic object needs the audience to appear."

"-- du fu hainer, aesthetics and philosophy

Xie asked.

Xiao weng usually does not drag the text, today occasionally tugged once. Because of the appreciation that the young man advocated, without any appreciation technique, it sounds ridiculously simple.

Quoting the two cows is only one thing: it's not just the audience's task to appreciate the art. It's the artist's responsibility to make sure that the audience understands the meaning. When a work and an audience's knowledge structure is right, it becomes. On the contrary, it can lead to ignorance. That doesn't necessarily mean a bad audience. Let me run a question. Take literature for example:

If you are at home to read high school, estimates that in the written language lesson learned on xin qiji "always meet joy, Beijing north solid pavilion meditate", at the last he says: "by who asked, lian Po was old, can a meal?" We have heard from our childhood that it is easier to read the story. But here's the story.

Ma zhiyuan wrote in his two-tone, nocturnal boat: "the soldiers of the tier-in-flight are busy making honey, and the flies fight for blood. The green field of pei gong, the white lotus society." The latter two sentences, "pei gong green field hall, pottery making white lotus society" are obviously allusions, but the story of pei du is not so popular. In this way, the emotion conveyed by this song is a discount to modern people. But even so, ma zhiyuan, with ants, bees and flies to express his feelings, is not difficult to accept.

Go back to the question of oil painting, the question asked is the outside row, actually be indifferent to inside or outside line, the first point is to look at. Again, "look", not "read". For the vast majority of oil painting works, the painting is its main body, the religious meaning behind it, political meaning, and finally the painting. If a painter's paintings were not understood, he would have to write several large letters for a picture, which would not be a good idea. Just as ma zhiyuan led a rare ancient allusions that we are not familiar with, we can only say that there are some allusions in the long river of history, which is not mentioned. We can't say "how can you be so uncultured, someone's so big a wrist, his allusion you don't understand?"

This is also the reason why the former should quote the views of people like sarte. Don't think: "oil painting is very deep, I don't understand, I come to learn." If you see an unintelligible picture, like the one that was fired up the other day, it's going to sell a lot of money. The man who bought the last few tens of millions may understand that maybe he feels a better man than he knows, and in a word, it doesn't matter to us. Whether you know it or not, it is only when the audience puts themselves and the author on the same plane that the communication with the work becomes possible -- that is appreciation, not learning.

So, answer the question of the Lord: how to appreciate, from what Angle to cut? -- relax and enjoy the intuitive feel of your own eyes. In this way, many problems will become simple.

Examples of paintings:


The royal art museum of Antwerp, Antwerp

This is a picture of a mountain, a water, a character, a small house. In the distance the blue sky and the blue water, the small house some of the people in the fields fighting. There was a man walking along the mountain path with a donkey, and there was a woman in a white robe on the donkey. For those who have just looked at it, this is a landscape painting that is generally pleasing to the eye. Of course, if you look closely, there are some strange places in the picture, such as the left side of the picture that seems to have a little creature falling from the pillar. In fact, the painting is a religious story, is the bible inside a: Joseph with the mother and baby Jesus rode a donkey fled to Egypt, and he passed by, the statue of the pagan collapsed down. As for the distant villages, the enemy soldiers are killing every child under the age of two to "never miss a single".

Is it because we can't understand the picture without knowing the bible? In fact, the painter, Patty neill, always had to fill in the biblical story after the landscape was first conceived. For him, the beauty of the picture is more important than the religious content. The bible story is just a joke. It's true that hanging on the wall is good. This is a feature of the Renaissance. Artwork from around 1515, for the audience, after nearly five hundred years, his works really wants to convey in the picture, for artists, this is not the most lucky thing?

We again carried away a little bit about the: it is interesting to note that the same period, we put our vision shift back to China, an artist Liu Zhi also active in the 16th century, there are also a mountain, created a have water, have character, have a small house painting:


Lu zhi "three peaks spring color map" Palace Museum, Beijing

You see, the difference between land and patel is a lot of difference. No one has ever seen anyone, but it's almost the same thing. At the end of the day, two paintings are in the national museum. Look at their paintings. They look good.

To make my answer sound less shaky, say something:

In fact, the museum is mostly hoping. In London, for example, whenever the Tate Gallery exhibition, no matter how modern exhibition content is, how ridiculous, they will try to liberate the audience eyes - the pavilion, if the audience wants to obtain information, in addition to the introduction of one hundred words, every room can only appeal to the audio Tours. That is to say, the gallery hopes to keep the eyes of the audience as long as possible. By the end of the exhibition, the audience came out of the last room, which was the art store, and the front of the exhibition must be a large exhibition album.


Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring
On the second floor of Tate modern, you can go straight to the theme from the escalator and enter the exhibition.


From the exhibition hall, we will enter the temporary store of the exhibition directly. The exhibition is all about the exhibition. Want to know more? There are a lot of picture books in front of them.

So, how to appreciate oil painting, from which Angle?

Look at it with your eyes. Let beauty speak for himself.

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As for the other set of things, even if it is not oil painting, like, like, after this.

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