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Giotto paintings

And then another good friend


This is also not finished, the final ??


In general, these paintings are more traditional, or academic painting, because I think a solid foundation is the basis of all free creation, I do not want to draw the realism to draw abstract, and then can not tell why, When I have a painting impulse to paint, this is the best bar, ah, there are some other











Giotto Crucifix Hand-Painted Art Reproductions

The last day of a dream, in fact, is the most favorite one, and from the composition to find material is part of the creation of the true sense of my creation. The dream itself is beautiful, that a group of white hair of the deer came to me, the head of the flowers like a full star, I thank the dream, but also thank you to draw it in time.

Self-taught two years did not take the number of works of the shot, can only say that no matter what to be happy in which life is short and timely music Well, do not care so many different voices, has become better is the most important, Self-taught, is self-taught people cheer hey.

Oh oh oh cell phone code word tired, give a praise Well


study copy John Singer Sargent El Jaleo painting

At the beginning of march. This is a drawing that you can see, no difficulty. The background is more difficult, and what I do is -- wait for the color to dry up, and keep going up and down the brush. Painting flower is a beginner's path to learning, choosing to enjoy but not complicated painting, to give oneself confidence!


February 27. The style of this painting is a painter named (not remember), which is pure color, colorful pictures, water and Bridges, leaves and houses... Toning is easy, so this painting is for training strokes and skills. More dreamy.


Two sketching (no way, my style is very childish and not good, how many realistic points, not spicy?)

Ar... That, rural sichuan... The forehead




The Yellow River...



John Singer Sargent El Jaleo Oil Painting Reproductions