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Zhaoming Wu does what she likes

The artistic life of most painters began in childhood, which can not be said about the Chinese artist Zhaoming Wu. It was at the age of eight that a red terror raged in his native country, headed by Mao Tse Dong. Violence and repression were the usual order of things, but I did not want to think about the beautiful. And all his images - beginning with fashion and finishing with visual art - were elevated to the status of bourgeois Western decay, and even drawing lessons were canceled in schools.




Those times have irreversibly passed, and the creativity of Zhaoming Wu (Zhaoming Wu) could be born. This artist is sure that every person in the world can learn to portray anything, and the human figure in particular. It is enough to apply a number of efforts and learn. But it was Wu who managed to give the sought-for silhouette something more: his people froze somewhere on the border of movement and silence.
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Today in the works of Zhaoming Wu there is nothing left from the Asian school. Moreover, he is now an American. Lives with his family in San Francisco and teaches at the local art college, which, in fact, twenty years ago he graduated. Recalling his path to art, or rather his beginning, the artist considers the source of everything a stack of comic books, early childhood loneliness and always busy at the work of parents. Then he did not just start painting himself, copying funny pictures, but chose the only occupation that he liked, he turned it into something that he wanted to love and does it all his life.

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