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Kiff Holland Why does sunshine bring us happiness?



Why does the sunshine bring us happiness?
Because it reminds us of our inner light.
Why does the smell of roses bring us joy?
Because it reminds us of our inner beauty.
The peaceful landscape reminds us of our peace of mind.
The vast skies overwhelm us because we remember our own vastness.




We feel secure hearing the words of wisdom because they remind us of the truth that we already know.
Purity and innocence open our hearts, for we remember our own purity and innocence.
Why do we cry when we face good deeds?
Because they remind us of our love for everything.
Music makes us delight because we remember our own inner harmony.
We selflessly seek God, because he reminds us of our true "I".
We are beautiful. Why are we looking outside ourselves for what is inside us?

Robert Elias Najemi






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