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Doris Joa. In this kingdom of bliss, mystery and miracles ...


Rose petals, lined with dreams
The aroma of thin dissolved dreams.
This mixture of ether and subtle bodies
Opens the door to a fantastic limit.

In this kingdom of bliss, mystery and miracles
There are hills of desires rising to the skies.
And on each slope a scattering of flowers
There, in the morning, buddies hide their dreams.




Choose not to be afraid, but do not tear the flower
Take away the soft petal,
Put your hands, collect nectar
All that you want, you get a gift.

Further along the hollow, through the overgrown meadow
Will lead a path to a shady pond.
There in the shade of a booth, a boat with an oar,
The stars dance, reflecting in it.

Here, with the azure of the sky, clouds descend,
Moisture is filled with plump sides
And they hurry back, muttering with a thunderstorm,
Touching his belly a young month.

And around the wall grew forests
On the huge branches, leaves are sails,
Bloated leaves sonorous laughter -
The triumph of nature! Joy! And success!
Vasily Pestryakov




by Pino art for sale

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