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An Amazing Journey through the Kingdom of Norway

Norway is a favorite tourist destination for ecotourists, with fascinating fjords and glaciers, romantic sunsets and a huge wild expanse of land.

Each of its four major cities has special significance in the development of the country's economy: Oslo is the capital and financial center, Bergen is the old port in the fjord region, Stavanger is the capital of the oil industry, Trondheim is the center of technology development.

The tourist objects of these cities are also different. They, along with natural attractions, will be interesting to everyone. Tourists who decided to visit Norway can use the following list of top attractions in this northern country:
The Cathedral, Oslo


The main church of the episcopate of Norway, Oslo Domkirke, was built in the 12th century by the order of King Sigurd the First. As a cathedral it was consecrated in 1697th year.

A real work of art is the altar of the temple, and other attractions are: stained glass, realized by Emanuel Vigeland, painted ceiling, as well as paintings "The Last Supper" and "Crucifixion" by Michael Rush. Today in the cathedral of Oslo there are religious concerts that gather a huge audience.


Bergen Cathedral

Bergen Cathedral

When the Franciscan monks arrived in Bergen, in the second half of the 13th century, they were given the church of St. Olaf, the patron saint of Norway. After the reform of 1537, it became the cathedral of Bergen, which was rebuilt, improved and expanded after a fire in 1640.

The modern interior of the temple was realized by designer Christian Christie in 1880. Particular pride of the cathedral is the body, which was manufactured by the famous Austrian company Rieger Orgelbau.
Cathedral of Nidaros, Trondheim

Cathedral of Nidaros

Nidaros Cathedral was built in the 11th and 12th centuries as a Roman Catholic cathedral, becoming a Lutheran cathedral in 1537. In 1708, he completely burned down. At the end of the 19th century, restoration work began, which ended only in 2001.

Today it has 2 altars: one contains the relics of St. Olaf, and the second is decorated with a huge silver cross, similar to the one that was in the medieval church. The stained-glass windows of the cathedral are magnificent: on the north are depicted scenes from the Old Testament, and on the southern - from the New.


Arctic cathedral

The beautiful Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø was built in 1965 by the architect Jan Inge Hovin. It is visible from various points of the city and the surrounding area: from the Tromso Bridge, from the mountains and the airport. A glass mosaic created by the famous Norwegian artist Victor Scarr is admirable.

Other attractions include: huge chandeliers, an altar and an organ that is perfectly adapted to the architectural style of the building. It contains 2,940 pipes and is made of solid pine.


Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

Viking Ship Museum

If there is a desire to contemplate the famous Viking ships, such as the "Oseberg Rook" and the "Gokstad ship", it is worth visiting the Viking Ship Museum, which is located on the peninsula of Bugde and is one of the parts of the Museum of the History of Culture of Norway. In addition to ships, there are exhibited numerous artifacts from the times of the northern warriors and seafarers who visited the American continent before Columbus. The museum was opened in 1926.

Location: Huk Aveny - 35.
Art Museum, Bergen

Art Museum

Located on the shore of Lake Lille-Lungardsvann, Bergen KODE was founded in 1999 year. It consists of 3 buildings.

In the first, the works of Norwegian artists of the 14th and 20th centuries are exhibited, in the 2nd - the collection of Stenersen, representing modern art, and in the third collection of Rasmus Mayer, in which you can contemplate the works of the greatest Norwegian artists Hans Gud and Adolf Tideman, Per Krogh and Harriet Bucker.


Aviation Museum, Bodo

Museum of Aviation

Located just off Bodo Airport, Norks Luftfartsmuseet is the main attraction of this small Norwegian city. It covers an area of ??10,000 square meters and provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating history of Norwegian aviation.

The entrance to the museum is in the form of a propeller, and its control tower offers a beautiful view of Bodo and its surroundings. The most interesting exhibits of the museum are: military aircraft Spitfire and Starfighter, spy U-2, several passenger ships. Equipped in the museum and a high-precision simulator, where you can feel like a real pilot.



Location: Olav V gate.
Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo

Kon-Tiki Museum

In the museum "Kon-Tiki" you can see the original boats on which Tour Heyerdahl traveled through Polynesia. A special place in it is given to the famous Kon-Tike, who even devoted a whole film. The underwater exhibition is equipped in the museum, where the main character is a 10-meter whale, and also it is suggested to explore the cave artfully



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