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The film "Bury me behind the plinth" (2009)

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The film "Bury me behind the plinth" (2009)

Director: Sergey Snezhkin Cast: Alexander Drobikko, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Alexey Petrenko, Maria Shukshina, Konstantin Vorobiev

About the film: A film based on the story of the same name Michael Cheval art

by Pavel Sanayev. 8-year-old Sasha Savelyev is constantly ill and lives with his grandparents. Those do not trust the boy's upbringing of his "dissolute daughter, who exchanged the child for a dwarf bloodsucker and hung a heavy cross over her grandmother's neck." Granny gave herself to the process of caring for her grandson with all possible passion, literally "strangling" the child with her love, which in time more and more resembles a sophisticated tyranny ... The Soviet reality of one family is shown bitingly, with cruel psychological scenes. Do not wish anyone such black comedies-dramas in real life, and even more so for children ..

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