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The Royal Palace of La Magdalena, Spain

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The Royal Palace of La Magdalena, Spain

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                                                                               The Royal Palace of La Magdalena (Real Palacio de La Magdalena) - a palace located on the peninsula of La Magdalena, in Santander, Spain. The palace was built between 1909-1912 by the project of Spanish architects Javier Gonzalez-Riancho and Gonzalo Vega, as a summer residence of the royal family.


The construction of the palace was initiated by the Government of Santander in 1908 in order to ensure the comfortable living of King Alfonso XIII and his family. During the competition, he won the project of the building of architects Javier Gonzalez-Riancho and Gonzalo Vega. Due to the workers' strike, the building of the palace was completed only in 1912, on August 4, 1913 the king first came to a new residence, which he visited every year until the Spanish revolution of 1931.
In 1932, by decree of the government of the Second Republic, the building of the palace was transferred to the International University of Menéndez-i-Pelayo, the first rector of which was Ramon Menendez Pidal. During the civil war, the building is empty, in 1945, the summer courses of the restored university are held in the building of the San Rafael Hospital. Only in 1949 the palace of La Magdalena again becomes the venue for summer courses and conferences, the former royal stables are transformed into a student campus.
In 1982 the royal palace of La Magdalena was declared a historical monument, the building was reconstructed between 1993 and 1995.