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Masadas fæstning - jødens sidste forsvarslinje

Benjamin Gerritsz. Cuyp malerier til salg


"Waltz with a Tear" from Pasternak

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"Waltz with a Tear" from Pasternak

    How I love her in the early days
Just from the forest or from the blizzard!
Branches of embarrassment did not prevail.
Threads are lazy, without vain,
Slowly pouring on the body,
They hang in silver cant.
Stump under the blanket sheet.

Gild it, make it happy
And he will not. But a shamefaced prude
In the foil of lilac and blue enamel
You will be remembered until the end of the century.
How I love her in the early days,
All in the web or in the shade!

Only in fitting the stars and flags,
And in the bonbonniere did not put the Malaga.
Candles do not have candles, even they
Brads of makeup, not lights.
This is a thril Otto Aguiar art

ling actress
With the closest in the day of the benefit.
How I love her in the early days
Before the scenes in a handful of relatives.

Apple - apples, herringbone - bumps.
Not this one. This one alone.
This is not such a cut.
This is the chosen lady.
The evening will eternally stretch.
This is not the worst of the proverb.
Her unprecedented fate is preparing:
In gold apples, like a prophet to heaven,
A fiery guest to soar into the ceiling.

How I love her in the early days,
When the Christmas tree alone!

Korovin Sergey Mikhailovich. "Christmas". 1957.
Pasternak Boris Leonidovich. "Waltz with a tear." 1941.

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such tenderness - and not describe ...
she as a fluff flying poplar, she - like a timid look elusive ...
I would die in it and be resurrected ...
like a white frost in the early spring, she pierces me to a chill.
she does not know indif Michael Cheval art paintings for sale

ferent anger.
it looks like a forest fire ...

such tenderness - not get to the bottom: in me, as if the sea was seething.
it promises me a storm, abyss, grief ...
but I again ... again ... again I want to see him ...

so tender ... Lord, forgive me! - She probably should not be weighed on her shoulders.
she bursts into me in the evening and tears the soul to the bone ...
shouts: "let go!" - And I break my hands, and I try to hold it.
she is in me like a blade of a knife, when the separation is gathering around ...

such tenderness ...
it's time to die.
me from her - completely choked my throat.
and the heart, like a violin, cries solo, and I'm looking for crying his words ...

such tenderness ... a flame from a fire ... I'm burning in it! save, for God's sake!
my dream has long been stolen by grief. The insomnia is my half-sister ...

such tenderness ... it is impossible to live ...
it oozes from everywhere.
for what it is for me? have mercy ... say ...
I can not do this anymore ... I will not ...
I - like Judas - repent and again I love you with unbearable pain.
such tenderness - like a wound in the salt ...
not healed. and can not resist.

my city is empty.
it rains secretly, kissing timidly the lines of the palm.
in my house on a small window for a long time tenderness sprouted flower ...

as a spark - you should catch up with him.
hug me and kiss me tiredly.
such tenderness is a small death ...
and without it, my whole life is not enough ...

love you. godless and powerless.
love you. and for love - thanks ...
love you. and I can not do otherwise.
I love you and crying in the rain ...

for pain and pain.
for hours of separation.
for these lips, Lord, and hands ...
for words of sinlessness.
nights serenity ...

in me lives

© Copyright: Alena Vasilchenko, 2014
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